Welcome To Our Beautiful
Piano Bar

Here is our Performing in the Lounge at The George!
January 2022


1st - DJ Corey Young 

2nd - Alex Tomasso 
3rd - Rod Luther 

4th - Odie Teken 

5th - Maddox Realejo

6th - Alex Tomasso

7th - Dyan Kane 

8th - Jeffrey Thomas 

9th - Odie Teken & Dyan Kane

10th - Rod Luther

11th - Closed For A Staff Party

12th - Maddox Realejo

13th - Alex Tomasso

14th - Steve Anthony 

15th - Richard Hundley

16th - Odie Teken & Dyan Kane

17th - Rod Luther

18th - Odie Teken

19th - TBD

20th - Alex Tomasso

21st - Sam McCarthy Trio

22nd - Alex Minasian Trio

23rd - Odie Teken & Dyan Kane

24th - Rod Luther

25th - Odie Teken

26th - TBD

27th - Alex Tomasso

28th - Richard Hundley

29th - Ron Giorgi

30th - TBD

31st - TBD 

Alex Tomasso
Jeffrey Thomas
george jeff thomas.jpg
Maddox Realejo
george maddox realejo.jpg
Alex Minasian Trio
george alex greg duo sat 918.png